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Description of Group/Project:
Graphene and Energy Storage are two strongly rising research topics and myriad papers on that intersection see the light every year.
But we are not looking for a person to contribute to that publishing frenzy. We want to hire a person to put all that knowledge (and in particular our own group’s [1-7]) into the development of high-energy and fast-charging energy storage devices.

The NEO-Energy host group is located at the Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICN2) and gathers expertise on materials science, nanoscience, electrochemistry, graphene and hybrid materials
Some recent references
[1] Hybrid Energy Storage. The merging of battery and supercapacitor chemistries. D.P. Dubal, O. Ayyad, V. Ruiz, P. Gomez-Romero* Chemical Society Reviews, 44 (2015) 1777.
[2] Hybrid Electrodes Based on Polyoxometalate-Carbon Materials for Electrochemical Supercapacitors Ruiz,* J. Suárez-Guevara, P. Gomez-Romero* Electrochemistry Communications 2012, 24, 35-8.
[3] Hybrid Energy Storage: High Voltage Aqueous Supercapacitors based on Activated Carbon / Phosphotungstate Hybrid Materials Suárez-Guevara, V. Ruiz,* P. Gomez-Romero* J. Mater. Chem. A, 2014, 2 (4), 1014 – 1021.

[4] Stable graphene–polyoxometalate nanomaterials for application in hybrid supercapacitors Suárez-Guevara, V. Ruiz and P. Gomez-Romero*, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 2014, 16 (38), 20411-20414.
[5] A high voltage solid state symmetric supercapacitor based on graphene-polyoxometalate hybrid electrodes with a hydroquinone doped hybrid gel-electrolyte DP Dubal, J Suarez-Guevara, D Tonti, E Enciso, P Gomez-Romero. Journal of Materials Chemistry A: Materials for Energy and Sustainability 2015, 3(46), 23483-23492.
[6] Development of hybrid materials based on sponge supported reduced graphene oxide and transition metal hydroxides for hybrid energy storage devices Deepak P. Dubal*, Rudolf Holze, Pedro Gomez-Romero*. Scientific Reports 2014, 4 : 7349.
[7] Electroactive Graphene Nanofluids for Fast Energy Storage. Deepak P. Dubal and Pedro Gomez-Romero. 2D-Materials 2016, 3, 031004.

Main Tasks and responsibilities:
The candidate will work in the context of a recently created spin-off company which aim is the development of prototype devices. Therefore, materials engineering is the keyword, high TRLs the path and a breakthrough device the objective.

Job Requirements

Education, Experience, Knowledge and Competences required:
An engineer (materials, chemical, electrochemical) with experience in battery manufacturing AND/OR large-scale graphene fabrication is sought. Candidates should have a strong background in battery electrochemistry materials science and experience in prototype design.
Candidates should be self-motivated by the topic, be proactive and well organized, and be able to work independently. A very good communication skills in English (or Spanish) is mandatory.

Research Career Profile (According to the European Framework for Research Careers):
R3-Established Researcher
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