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Postdoctoral fellowships PROBIST (H2020 MSCA-COFUND action)

PROBIST is a post-doctoral fellowship Program lead by BIST. The fellowships will be implemented in top research centres in the Barcelona and Tarragona area (Spain):

* Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO,
* Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (ICIQ,
* Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICN2,
* Institute for High Energy Physics (IFAE,
* Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona,

PROBIST applicants will have complete research freedom. Applicants may subscribe to one or several research topics published with the calls.

The topics for the first call are:

C1-01 Invention of new synthetic methods based on the catalytic use of electrophilic metal complexes of gold and other transition metals
C1-02 Organic photovoltaic devices and application of quantum dots
C1-03 Photomagnetic materials and bioinorganic models for energy applications
C1-04 Green approaches to catalysis for fine chemicals
C1-05 Atomistic simulation addressed to develop more rationalized heterogeneous catalysts
C1-06 Molecular artificial photosynthesis and the generation of solar fuels
C1-07 Visualizing interfacial fields in oxide interfaces by transmission electron microscopy
C1-08 Atomic Resolution Electron Microscopy: Analysis, 3D Atomic Modelling and Simulation of Energy Nanomaterials
C1-10 First Principles Theory and Simulations in Nanoscience
C1-11 Polymer-composites based on Graphene and related materials
C1-12 Physics and Engineering of Nanodevices
C1-13 Genome Data Science
C1-14 Glycogen accumulation and neurodegeneration
C1-15 Characterisation of Adult Progenitor Cells in Drosophila
C1-16 Chemical modifications of Nucleic Acids and human physiology
C1-18 Structural characterization of Macromolecular assemblies and research on asymmetric synthesis
C1-19 Cellular Plasticity and Disease
C1-20 Molecular modelling and Bioinformatics
C1-21 Asymmetric synthesis using chiral ligands
C1-22 Microtubules, genomic stability and disease
C1-23 2D Materials & paper-based nanobiosensors for diagnostics applications
C1-24 Observational Cosmology
C1-25 Gamma Ray Astrophysics
C1-26 Epigenetic regulation of chromatin functions
C1-27 Theory Group: Standard Model physics
C1-28 Neutrino oscillation experiment
C1-29 Molecular Biophysics / Asymmetric Synthesis
C1-30 Translational control of cell cycle and differentiation / Structural Bioinformatics and Network Biology
C1-32 Biomedical Optics & Biophysics
C1-33 Optical Sensing, Optoelectronics & Photovoltaics
C1-34 Nonlinear Optics, Ultrafast Optics & Attoscience
C1-35 NanoPhotonics & NanoMechanics
C1-36 Experimental Quantum Optics & Quantum Information
C1-37 Theoretical Nanophotonics, Quantum Optics & Quantum Information

Once pre-selected, candidates shall design their research project proposal with a research group of their choice in the participating BIST centres. Successful candidates will be hosted by the selected research group. They will have full access to facilities, seminars and training programmes of the BIST centres. Networking activities shall facilitate inter-centre and inter-disciplinary exchange and collaborations. PROBIST will offer fellows the opportunity to opt for secondments from a pool of international institutions with which BIST centres have institutional agreements or collaborations.

The fellowships are granted for 3 years including
* Anual gross salary: 36.252,82€ plus a single payment of 1504,89 relocation support (Spanish tax and social security deductions apply).,
* close mentoring and supervision through prestigious Senior Researchers,
* a personalized career development plan,
* a training program for scientific and transferable skills.

PROBIST has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation under grant agreement no. 754510.

More information and access to the application platform can be found on the programme website

Job Requirements

Eligibility criteria:
* Present complete applications through the on-line application platform on the PROBIST website before 1 November 2017. Required documentation and information includes CV, letter of motiviation, filling in application forms and at least two referees presenting reference letters. Please prepare your application on time to meet the strict deadline.
* Having not spent more than 12 months of the prior 36 months in Spain, at the time of the call deadline. You will be required to confirm your compliance through a self-declaration.
* Be in possession of a PhD degree at the time of the call deadline. Please provide evidence when you apply (e.g. scanned PhD-degree or documents that proof having read a successful PhD at the moment of the call deadline).
* Having not been awarded their PhD degree more than 5 years ago, at the time of the call deadline. Exceptions are made for documented justified periods.
* Being first author in at least one publication in an internationally reputed journal at the time of the call deadline. Only accepted and published in print or online papers are eligible.

Selection process:
The evaluation of eligible candidates will be carried out by an external, independent selection panel. The evaluation will be objective, independent, free of conflicts of interest and the selection will be based on merits, equal opportunities and freedom of choice of research.
The review procedure will be carried out in various steps:
* First review general suitability for PROBIST (review 1).
* Invitation of pre-selected candidates to prepare a research proposal with the groups they want to be hosted at. A research proposal that is finally submitted needs to have the hosting commitment by the corresponding GL. Presenting a proposal is a requirement for being invited to the next step (interview).
* Second review: interviews and presentation of the research proposal (review 2).
* Decision on awardees, reserve list and rejected candidatures.
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